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OK, I’ve got a portal: Why aren’t the payments pouring in?

By: Jayson Yardley

I’ve heard the same complaint recently from several hospital administrators. The scenarios are all pretty similar: They implemented a payment portal with very high hopes, sometimes stemming from promises made by vendors. But they got disappointing results.

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It’s Time for an Evidence-Based Approach to Complaint Management in the Revenue Cycle

By: Suzanne Lestina

If a patient complained so vehemently about an unpleasant collection encounter that it reached the CEO’s office, is that an indication that the hospital’s Patient Financial Experience is terrible? What if the same CEO, on the same day, gets a letter from a different patient raving about the registrar who brightened her day while collecting a $25 copay? Should you take it as a sign that the financial experience you offer is extremely high quality?

Yes, It’s True: Patients Want to Talk about Money

By: Jayson Yardley

Somewhere along the way, a perception took hold in health care--that talking with patients about money was a direct path to dissatisfaction. In this blog, I’m going to turn this assumption on its head. Is it possible that hospitals are getting it backwards—that in fact, patients are dissatisfied because they want to talk about money and no one is having this conversation with them? If so, it certainly calls into question many of the processes we use in the revenue cycle today. But it might also offer hospitals a path to achieving earlier resolution of accounts--by tapping into what patients really want.

Outdated Satisfaction Metrics Exclude the Financial Experience

By: Jayson Yardley

I recently read with great interest that Avery Comarow, director of U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals and other healthcare rankings, recently retired after 31 years with the organization. [1]

Improve Your Cash Collections at HFMA ANI!

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

Stop by booth #1233 and register for a chance to improve your cash collections in our Cash Grab Cube! We’ll be having drawings every 15 minutes and non-stop chances to immerse yourself in aligning the Patient Financial Experience. Download the HFMA ANI app and get us on your schedule today!

Avadyne Shows How Hospitals Can Empower Patients in Financial Outcomes at April NAHAM Conference

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

It was great seeing Suzanne Lestina, our Vice President of Revenue Cycle Innovation, expounding on the 43rd Annual NAHAM conference theme “The Patient Experience” with her presentation, Empowering Patients to Take an Active Role in their Financial Outcomes: UnityPoint Health Case Study in Dallas, TX on April 27th.

New Stresses for Insured Patients Prompt New Solutions from Hospitals

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

We’re excited to share some of the innovative ways two of our clients and our patient financing provider are implementing payment liability strategies and transforming the Patient Financial Experience.

Avadyne Discusses Professional Certifications and the PFX at HFMA's Early Careerist Event

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

It was great to see one of our account managers (John Garcia) speak at the HFMA Early Careerist event this past Thursday in San Diego. John shared some highly useful information on HFMA professional certifications (CRCR, CHFP, FHFMA) as well as how they connect with the importance of starting patient financial communications as early as possible in the revenue cycle process.

John Garcia Speaks to HFMA.png

Thanks for the info John!