Experts in Patient Payment
and Financial Engagement


Empower patient satisfaction, revenue and loyalty. We’re Avadyne Health.


We leverage every engagement as an opportunity to optimize patient satisfaction, loyalty and payment.


We empower the patient financial experience and improve hospital financial performance and the cost to collect.


Reinvent revenue cycle patient liabilities with us. Empower the patient financial experience. Innovate and collaborate to solve now.


Bring action to vision. Think holistically. Commit wholly to understanding what patients need and the future holds.


Empower the patient financial experience with us.

Who We Are

Avadyne Health are experts in patient payment and financial engagement providing a complete solution to address the needs of patients who prefer a self-service experience or the assistance of a concierge call center. As your hospital revenue cycle services partner, our cutting-edge technologies, national presence, trained and caring staff and nearly 50 years of expertise in patient payment and financial engagement allow us to scale self-pay account resolution and bad debt recovery services for multi-hospital networks to the largest health systems in the U.S.

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Nearly 50 years of expertise in
patient payment and financial

How We’re Different

We’re unique in that we measure, predict and score the patient financial experience, improve the billing experience with an augmented reality Patient Concierge billing app, offer a self-service pricing model that reduces the cost to collect and deliver a modern, feature-packed payment portal with our collection programs. We consider every engagement as an opportunity to optimize patient satisfaction, loyalty and payment. Our systems, processes and infrastructure are all designed to deliver a world-class patient experience and optimal financial performance for the hospitals we serve.

Providing superior ROI for our revenue cycle partners is achieved by holding ourselves to the highest standards of reducing the cost to collect, providing an ease to partnership management, delivering an optimum patient financial experience and maximizing financial performance.

Meet Our Team

A strong future requires smart, solid direction. As seasoned and skilled professionals in revenue cycle
management our executives and leadership team champion and direct all aspects of our services.

Jayson Yardley

Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Magill

Chief Operating Officer

Olivier Witteveen

Chief Information Security Officer

John Nulty

Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

Julie VanPelt

Vice President of Client Services

Lisa Hammond

Vice President of Operations

Patti Schaeffer

Vice President of Operations HRA

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