Patient Concierge App

The Augmented Reality Billing App for Hospitals,
Now with Hospital Geofencing!

The Patient Concierge App Is An Innovation Like No Other

The Patient Concierge app is a truly transformational advancement in how patients engage in their billing experience. In a vivid, augmented reality experience using the convenience of a smartphone, the avatar "Eve" walks through and explains a patient's bill, thereby reducing calls to the call center and supporting you as a progressive leader in the communities you serve. Patient Concierge comes with a customized video from your hospital leadership and patients have one-touch access to a payment portal, call center, email and important hospital links.

A Patient Concierge App Demo!

Bring your hospital bill to life through a unique augmented reality app creating an informed billing experience for patients and brand awareness for your hospital. The Patient Concierge app is the first substantial change to the patient statement in 20 years. It helps ensure patients are more likely to pay their bills and reduces your cost to collect. Watch this brief video to see "Eve", the avatar, in action and let's make Patient Concierge the next evolution in your patient financial experience. 


Now with Geofencing!

As the latest addition to the Patient Concierge app, hospital geofencing places a virtual fence around your hospital or health system location and allows you to send custom push notifications directly to your patients or visitor's smartphone as they get near the hospital. 

Geofencing give you the flexibility to customize phone push notifications when a patient or visitor crosses the virtual geofence in either direction. For instance, you could send a welcome message as they arrive, provide crisis communications or a link to help navigate the hospital landscape as they enter your facilities. Share a thank you and survey or other helpful information as they exit the geofencing location while their experience is still fresh in their minds.

The hospital geofencing works when the visitor has the free Patient Concierge app on their phone and location tracking is enabled. (Nearly 90% of smartphone users keep their location services switched to 'on', per Pew Research Center.

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