Speech Analytics,
ePFXscore & ePFXpredict

Take the Guesswork out of Your Patients' Financial Satisfaction

Measuring Patient Financial Experience Has Been a Mystery – Until Now

Unlock the key to measuring patient financial experience. For the first time in the history of the revenue cycle, remove the guesswork and rely on precise data, using ePFXscore to know exactly what is driving patient satisfaction during your patients' liability resolution. As part of our self-pay program, we'll proactively measure, predict, score and help you improve your patients' financial satisfaction with the help of consistent reporting in our ePFX Score Card.

Speech Analytics

The speech analytics collected during our patient engagements are transcribed and analyzed, amounting to 1.5 billion words a year. These analytics allow us to optimize the performance of our call center teams and the experiences we deliver to continually monitor and improve patient engagement and satisfaction.
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ePFXscore is the industry’s first and only comprehensive, patent-pending way to accurately measure, predict, score and improve your patients’ financial satisfaction. ePFXscore measures the criteria, triggers and components that have an impact on patients’ satisfaction throughout the patient experience. These scores combine into one concise scorecard to share progress and pinpoint root causes of patient escalations or dissatisfaction so changes can be made to improve satisfaction throughout the patients’ experience. Hospital leaders especially like the relative rankings score, which provides you a benchmark amongst other hospitals.


ePFXpredict allows us to identify any accounts likely to escalate due to dissatisfaction and creates an opportunity to deliver real-time service recovery to prevent lost revenue or loyalty from those patients. 

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