The PFX Voice

Insights into improving engagement, net patient collections, cost to collect and loyalty.

New Stresses for Insured Patients Prompt New Solutions from Hospitals

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

We’re excited to share some of the innovative ways two of our clients and our patient financing provider are implementing payment liability strategies and transforming the Patient Financial Experience.

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Enjoying Topgolf with Avadyne's Market Roundtable 2017 Attendees

By: Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

Great discussions at the Avadyne Health Market Roundtable in AZ and a fun evening of Top Golf with attendees! (Want to learn more about our featured speakers?)

Learn How Patient Financial Experience Can Accelerate Cash Flow

By: Suzanne Lestina

Before patients even walk through your doors, they have expectations. This is why patient financial experience needs to be managed in a unified way starting with those very first interactions. 

Patient expectations cover everything from their treatment and recovery to what your facility should look like. But one expectation that too often gets overlooked is how, exactly their patient financial experience (PFX) with you will play out. Consider this — patients are conditioned from other industries to know their financial responsibilities up front (HFMA even advises them to be proactive in gathering this information). This means that if you want to foster a positive financial relationship and accelerate your cash flows, you must communicate in a timely manner with your patients.