Patient Liability Resolution

Early-Out Services and Self-Pay Solutions
for Hospitals

Our self-pay and early-out services provide a comprehensive solution to address the complex self-service and assisted-service needs of your patients. Our cutting-edge technologies provide user-friendly, mobile and web-enabled payment options for those patients who desire an effective early-out experience. Our concierge call centers are available to those patients who wish to engage with highly-trained staff to answer their questions and facilitate payment options.

We’re unique in that we can help you measure, predict and score your patient financial experience; improve your billing experience with an augmented reality Patient Concierge app; reduce your cost to collect for self-service patients and deliver a modern, feature-packed payment portal with our collection programs. Our self-pay and early out services help reduce the cost to collect while improving the patient financial experience. 

Working as an extension of the hospital revenue cycle, systems and policies, we provide patients self-service and assisted-services to facilitate account resolution, create payment plans and empower an optimum patient financial experience.

Our Self-Pay Account Liability
Resolution Program:


Consolidated, Easy-to-Understand Statements

We reduce the volume of statements a patient receives by combining hospital and physician billing and design so the patients’ experience is easy-to-read and understand.

Patient Portal for 24/7 Access

Our modern, patient-revered payment portal allows patients to quickly make payments, combine bills and set up payment plans based on financial policies. It’s included with the self-pay program.

Speech Analytics and Experience Scoring

We transcribe and analyze patient engagements to accurately measure, predict, score and benchmark your patients’ financial satisfaction and provide immediate service recovery, if needed.

SMART Training

Our patient concierges receive ongoing, specialized healthcare and financial customer service training to optimize each connection with patients as an opportunity to improve patient engagement, payment and satisfaction in a model that is measurable, repeatable and consistent.

AAHAM CRCS Certified Concierges

Our Patient Concierges are trained towards and required to obtain and maintain AAHAM’s CRCS (Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist) certification both Institutional (I) and Professional (P). We hold the most dual CRCS certifications of any organization in the United States.

Automated Reconciliation

Our automated reconciliation is a state-of-the-art process to get your 
accounts in-sync and ready to collect. Discrepancies 
are identified and addressed 10x faster 
than traditional methods.

Bi-Directional Client Portal

Our ePFXclientaccess is a HIPAA compliant, web-based client portal for prompt and secure patient account inquiries and dialog between your team and ours.

Account Scoring & Segmentation

While we contact all accounts, we use account history and 100+ data elements to segment, score and prioritize accounts for willingness to engage and payment likelihood.

Interactive Dialer & Voice Response

We meet your patients’ need for instant information and rapid service with our interactive dialer complete with self-service voice response technology. Our inbound and outbound call functionality provides optimal patient engagement and rapid response, while reducing dropped or abandoned calls.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Post-engagement surveys allow patients to share input on their financial experience, providing quantifiable and actionable data to share with your team and ours. 

Feedback Line

When patients have compliments, suggestions or a complaint we want to hear about it so all can be addressed or shared with the teams to optimize service. 

Dedicated Compliance

Our extensive administrative, physical and technical safeguards comply with all regulatory requirements and rules. We complete an independent audit of our internal controls and processes to ensure security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality. 

Augmented Reality Billing App

The Patient Concierge app is a truly transformational advancement in how patients engage. The app explains your bills, reduces calls and supports you as a progressive leader in the communities you serve. Patients have one-touch access to the payment portal, call center, email and important hospital links.

Self-Pay Pricing Model

Exclusive self-pay pricing models give you the opportunity to re-assign or reduce your cost to collect up to 50% as patients transition to self-service.

Latest Engagement Technologies

From virtual call-back to chat, text messaging and e-statements, we offer modern conveniences for patients who wish to engage using the latest technologies of engagement.

Compliance Matters

Our compliance and IT teams are dedicated to threat prevention, maintaining continuity of business
operations, system uptime and disaster recovery planning.


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