Pre-Service Financial Clearance

Pre-Service Financial Clearance for Hospitals

Avadyne Health provides pre-service financial clearance for hospitals. Our pre-service financial clearance program provides a patient-centric process to engage patients with education, patient payment estimates and transparency on out-of-pocket expenses prior to services.

We talk with patients to set expectations, provide options and collect payments.  We'll also confirm patient data validity and provide financial screening for charity or insurance options. These services help reduce patient wait-times at check-in and provide opportunities to improve satisfaction, loyalty and empower the patient financial experience overall.  

As you connect pre-service process improvements to overall self-pay outcomes you can see reduced denials, improved POS collections, accelerated cash flow, more upfront payments, better liability resolution and a reduction in bad debt write-offs.

Our Pre-Service Financial Clearance Program:


Speech Analytics and Experience Scoring

We transcribe and analyze patient engagements to accurately measure, predict, score and benchmark your patients’ financial satisfaction and provide immediate service recovery, if needed.

SMART Training

Our patient concierges receive ongoing, specialized healthcare and financial customer service training to optimize each connection with patients as a opportunity to improve patient engagement, payment and satisfaction in a model that is measurable, repeatable and consistent. 

AAHAM CRCS Certified Concierges

Our Patient Concierges are trained towards certification of AAHAM’s CRCS (Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist) and we hold the most CRCS dual certifications of any organization in the United States.

Bi-Directional Workflow

A shared workflow allows your team and ours to conveniently manage and access accounts for optimal service and account efficiencies.

Next-in-Queue Methodology

Using our proprietary workflow system allows us to drive work to our team through a sophisticated workpooling Next-In-Queue methodology getting to the next most important account at the right time. 

Interactive Dialer & Voice Response

We meet your patients’ need for instant information and rapid service with our interactive dialer complete with self-service voice response technology. Our inbound and outbound call functionality provides optimal patient engagement and rapid response, while reducing dropped or abandoned calls.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Post-engagement surveys allow patients to share input on their financial experience, providing quantifiable and actionable data to share with your team and ours. 

Feedback Line

When patients have compliments, suggestions or a complaint we want to hear about it so all can be addressed or shared with the teams to optimize service. 

Dedicated Compliance

Our extensive administrative, physical and technical safeguards comply with all regulatory requirements and rules. We complete an independent audit of our internal controls and processes to ensure security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality. 

Compliance Matters

Our compliance and IT teams are dedicated to threat prevention, maintaining continuity of business
operations, system uptime and disaster recovery planning.


I was working with Barbara and she is the most knowledgeable, and not to mention the most patient person who’s helped me. My husband passed away last month. She was very calming. She answered all my questions and explained why.

Alison, was a breath of fresh air in a time that is difficult dealing with medical issues. She was so kind in how she spoke today. I wish more people who handle customer service elsewhere were like her.

She was so thorough and so professional on the phone - so polite, courteous and extremely helpful in answering my questions. I definitely give her 5+ stars today. Thank you.

The young lady who helped me today was extremely helpful. Explained what I needed. Then when she was done she read all my card numbers back to me and gave me a confirmation number. I’m very glad I got her on the phone. I want to thank you very much for the help this young lady gave me.

Tori is phenomenal. I was so upset. She calmed me down. She went over everything. I took care of everything. I couldn’t give her enough praise. She’s fantastic. She has been the greatest one I’ve talked to since I had my heart surgery. Thank you very much.

Brandi was very professional, very nice, very patient and I appreciated her services and just wanted you to know that. I've been in customer service training, and Brandi did this from her heart and was very sincere and I just really appreciated it.

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