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What Sets Us Apart

Innovation, Data, Tools, Technology and People
Assembly of Data Integration, Business Intelligence Technologies and Consultative Professionals Driving Peak Results

We know your options for patient liability resolution are many. What sets Avadyne Health apart beyond our optimum results and core competencies are the innovative ways we empower the Patient Financial Experience with our collective assembly of data integration, business intelligence technologies and consultative professionals driving peak results.

To name just a few, our ePFXscore is a first-of-its-kind in the industry to truly measure and score your Patients' Financial Experience. Every patient, every time to quantifiably increase patient satisfaction and patient payments. Our ePFXpredict allows us to predict those accounts most likely to escalate due to dissatisfaction and allows for real-time service recovery to prevent lost revenue or loyalty. And, our ePFXpatientportal provides a self-service approach for those patients wanting a user-friendly portal with the ability to quick-pay, view bills and set up payment plans. 

Each of our data integration tools, technology and consultative professionals collectively empower the delivery and outcome of our stellar patient liability resolution services. Learn more about each below. 

Patient Concierge App

Patient Concierge Augmented Reality App

  • Revolutionary and useful introduction to the hospital bill in a visually-stunning, augmented reality interface providing a better Patient Financial Experience for all patients  
  • The Patient Concierge avatar explains each section of the bill helping patients understand exactly when the bill is due, what amount is owed and how to make a payment 
  • The app helps to reduce calls to the call center and provides a convenient one-touch access to pay the bill, contact a concierge by phone or email for questions or access other important hospital links
  • A customized video provides the opportunity for the hospital leadership to speak to every patient who receives a bill
  • The app is available for download on the App Store and Google play. It's accessible for use by every patient who has a participating hospital using the app 
  • A great way to demonstrate your hospital is a progressive leader in your market


  • A partnership with Avadyne allows you to measure, predict, score and improve the financial experience you are providing patients
  • Pinpoint root causes of dissatisfaction or escalation
  • Quantify the Patient Financial Experience and achieve a holistic picture of the quality of service delivery
  • Delivering an optimum experience in every engagement is easier when you understand the call, behavioral and engagement metrics
  • Address impactful operational changes to increase revenue and market share


  • Proactive service recovery to predict and diffuse patient escalation
  • Arms you with the right information so there are no surprises
  • Ensure patient payments and loyalty aren't at risk


  • Derived from our world-class SMART Training, this educational customer service training used by our own patient engagement center representatives who also hold CRCS-I/P certifications with AAHAM, helps ensure a unified voice throughout your patient engagements.
  • Place pre-and post service accounts with us and receive the same comprehensive training for your patient access team that we use to improve satisfaction
  • Engage in a holistic, repeatable, measurable model of training to ensure financial satisfaction


  • Financing to provide payment plans and longer-term patient payment solutions
  • Improves your cash flow while helping patients resolve their accounts
  • Payment plans defined by you and administered by Avadyne
  • Provide term-payment options that go beyond the typical 6, 12 or 24-month payment plans with low to no interest options available
  • Qualify patients as long as they demonstrate a willingness and ability to pay
  • Full recourse program, no credit scoring or other credit qualifications
  • Our alternative financing programs bridge the gap between a financial assistance discount and a patient’s outstanding balance


  • User friendly online patient portal
  • Make it easy for patients to pay quickly, view, combine and pay bills and set up payment plans
  • Email, mobile-friendly and compliant
  • Convenient links to your hospital’s website and marketing


  • Our convenient communication center to streamline productivity and ensure prompt and secure dialogue on patient account inquiries
  • HIPAA compliant, proprietary, web-based application allows for comprehensive,collaborative dialog between Avadyne and your hospital


  • Empower patients’ billing communication with one holistic, easy-to-understand bill
  • Making it easy for patients to understand their charges


  • Allows for real-time reconciliation to get accounts ready to work faster
  • Discrepancies identified and addressed 10x faster than traditional methods


  • Segmentation and scoring algorithm used in determining the likelihood and expected payment for each account
  • Helps generate the highest recoveries while simultaneously increasing patient loyalty and empowering patients
Next in Queue

Next in Queue

  • Establishes priorities and ensures the next most important accounts are worked
  • Varies and distributes on-demand accounts based on type of account, balance, payer or other custom data points
  • Cascading work layouts help to ensure accountability and eliminate duplicate work efforts 
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

  • Increase efficiency and productivity using technology-enabled services that integrates with your patient accounting system and other support systems to unify multiple facilities and systems into a single workflow 
  • Achieve full transparency reporting and unified communication and processes to measure results and enhance your Patient Financial Experience