ePFX Patient Payment Portal

A Patient Payment Portal That Exceeds All Others

A Portal Making Patient Payments Easier

Patients want better financial experiences. In fact, in a recent market study, 50% want a hospital financial experience that is similar to a retail financial experience. To deliver that caliber, you need ePFX Patient Payment Portal. This modern and intuitive portal delivers an online user experience that’s easy to navigate and understand and quick to complete secure transactions, combine bills or set up payment plans. Users will appreciate it is mobile friendly and able to be accessed from your hospital website or health record portal. 

Reduce Patient Calls and Statement Costs

Avadyne excels at all aspects of the revenue cycle making it easy to collect patient liabilities sooner. Our patient payment portal allows you to reduce patient calls, provide 24/7 patient payment visibility and minimize your statement costs. 

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What Patients Say About the Portal

“I’ve tried several payment programs, this is by far the easiest.”

“Very fast and easy to work with.”

“Quick and easy to make a payment.”

“So satisfied, as I can set up a payment plan and pay my bill monthly.”

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Easiest Go-Live Set Up and Support

You'll also feel confident knowing there is quality service and support behind our patient portal interface. We'll help get your portal to go-live quickly and efficiently with no loss of functionality and aligned with your payment policies. We ensure the highest quality training, communication and testing for the best patient and staff adoption. And the best part, it's included with our self-pay program, so if your patient needs assistance by phone at any point, you know we're there to assist those patient calls and ensure optimal patient satisfaction. 

Ready to empower your Patient Financial Experience? You’ve come to the right place.

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