Workflow Software and Revenue Cycle Services

Deliver A Seamless Patient Financial Experience

Software and Services
Our solutions combine our proprietary workflow software and outsource revenue cycle services for hospitals and health systems to optimize financial results and elevate the patient financial experience.


Financial Clearance Workflow

Improve financial performance and avoid denials and account aging by capturing accurate patient registration data. Ensure an optimal patient financial experience by setting expectations about payment accurately, early and often during your hospital's registration process. 

  • Drive the right accounts to your financial clearance team using rules and priorities 
  • Create checklists to ensure no pre-registration steps are missed
  • Gather and validate patient demographics
  • Determine eligibility in real time by integrating with your eligibility software
  • Inform team members of the accounts needing pre-authorization
  • Analyze your revenue cycle results with enterprise reporting and dashboards
Patient Portion Estimator

Improve price transparency, patient financial accountability and satisfaction with the Estimator that delivers more accurate and real-time estimates. By combining your patients' benefit coverage data with our software's learning algorithms that continually aggregate historical claims data, contract rates and patient benefit eligibility, Patient Portion Estimator delivers greater estimate accuracy and reduces over-estimating and refunds. 

  • Improve payment collections at point-of-service and reduce bad debt
  • View patients' prior balances, bad debt and previous payment plans within the embedded Estimator in our workflow software
  • Use communications training to frame financial dialogues and set payment expectations
  • Enhance and integrate easily with your existing estimation solutions
Registration Data QA

Registrars can identify in real time any missing, incomplete or incorrect patient data during registration to quickly resolve and improve patients' financial experience, before the data reaches a follow-up or denial status.

  • Review of patient data and prompt correction of demographic, insurance and other relevant patient information
  • Assign error severity based on an account stage reducing A/R aging
  • Trend repetitive errors to drive training and promote process improvement and initiatives to cultivate a culture of denial avoidance. 
Financial Counseling

Ensure consistent and superior PFX with Financial Counseling Software. Identify and prioritize patients most likely to need financial counseling and configure workflows and questionnaires to ensure they receive consistent counseling. 

  • Discuss eligibility requirements and assess potential alternative payer program qualifications at any point in your interaction with the patient. 
  • Prepare program applications and receive reminders for application processes
  • Enterprise reporting and dashboards assist with the analysis as counseling is administered, including direct report on reimbursement. 
Denials Follow-up Workflow

Enhance your ability to manage and monitor patients' denied accounts. Understand root causes for process improvement and to cultivate a culture of denial avoidance. Create Next-in-Queue workflows to ensure the next import denial is delivered to the next available denials team member. Provide a comprehensive and effective work screen environment, and report the outcomes.

  • Track and monitor reimbursement analysis, write-offs and bad debt
  • Seamlessly generate appeal letters
  • Minimize reimbursement delays and determine root causes
A/R Follow-up Workflow

Prioritize A/R follow-up using value-based criteria instead of alpha splits to more efficiently focus on accounts requiring your attention. Provide staff with the critical data they need to manage each account. 

  • Decrease days in A/R
  • Distribute work based on real payer timelines
  • Monitor and re-prioritize untouched accounts
  • Eliminate black holes
  • Reduce write-offs and bad-debt
  • Manage outsourced work
  • Track productivity by results
Presumptive Charity Screening

Quickly identify patients who aren't able to meet their financial obligations and support them using a consistent and effective charity process. Determine the need for financial assistance in an efficient and cost-effective manner, so effort is spent primarily on accounts that will perform best. 

  • Identify potential financial assistance accounts with discount recommendations
  • Meet community benefit obligations for non-profit hospitals
  • Apply consistent methodology to financial assistance policy and desired workflow. 


Advisory Services
Advisory Services

Identify the performance of your financial clearance processes, volume and quality standard with our PFX Impact Analysis. Gaps in your policies and procedures, price estimate reports, financial assistance policy, self-pay policy, patient satisfaction data or training program can lead to the loss of revenue. 

Validate that your financial clearance performance and your patient financial experience excel in all areas. And if not, immediately identify gaps where improvement is needed.

  • Evaluate financial clearance processes with an onsite consultation
  • Obtain a detailed analysis and evaluation of each PFX function
  • Gain insight and recommendations to make improvements
Pre-Service Financial Clearance
Pre-Service Financial Clearance

Engage patients early in the financial clearance process to accelerate and improve cash collection, lower bad debt and improve your financial outcome. Leverage each financial touch point to create satisfaction, loyalty and enhance patient experience.

  • Set expectations early and provide estimate transparency using highly-trained, compassionate outsource representatives

  • Conduct benefit validation and quality assurance with best-in-class software workflow

Denied Account Resolution
Denied Account Resolution

Maximize the recovery, maintain the integrity and reduce costs of your denial management programs using highly-trained, dedicated staff to supplement your resources. 

  • Track and monitor appeals, recoveries and productivity through dashboards and reports. 
  • Generate appeal letters
  • Determine and trend responsible area and root cause to promote a culture of denial avoidance
  • Request and route adjustments to your management team
A/R Resolution
A/R Resolution

Don't allow large volumes of unresolved claims to accumulate in your accounts receivable or negatively impact patient financial experience by moving uncollected and unbilled balances to patients. Accelerate cash flow, decrease dollars and days in A/R and avoid errors that delay or reduce payments using reliable outsource services that deliver results. 

  • Reduce error rates using Intelligent TreatmentTM  Workflow combined with our Communication Center
  • Ensure claim submissions are accurate, processed efficiently and reconciled correctly
  • Improve communications regarding patient billing issues using our Communication Center and optimize A/R resolution timing and dollars collected.
Self-Pay Account Resolution

Self-pay outsource account resolution teams go beyond collecting payments from patients. As certified and hospital-focused revenue cycle representatives, we work as an extension of your business office, systems and policies.

Providing payment plans and financial counseling early in account resolution and using expert scoring and segmentation of accounts help us maximize your overall self-pay recovery.

Using advanced call-center technology and compassionate customer-service training, our team resolves any patient concerns and objections to paying the account balance. Surveys and call monitoring ensure the highest standards of customer service are being met and build patient relationships based on trust and compassion. 

  • AAHAM-certified revenue cycle professionals and specialists
  • Improve self-pay outcomes and decrease bad debt dramatically
  • Create first-party, self-pay billing that is an extension of your business office and transparent to your patients 
  • Carry the impact of outside collections using third-party, self-pay billing
Bad Debt Collection
Bad Debt Collection

With rising self-pay receivables, increasing premiums and co-pay and health insurance confusion it's more important than ever to expedite a strategy to benefit your hospital's financial well-being and your patients, instead of turning to bad debt write-offs. 

Avadyne's U.S.-based collection specialists are trained and certified through ACA, authorized to collect in all 50 states and 100 percent healthcare-focused. Our advanced call-center technology and compassionate customer service training helps patients resolve concerns and objections to paying their account balance.

A sophisticated screening process and predictive modeling allow us to focus on the best outcomes and cost savings during collections. Our refined methodology and seamless integration provide the highest compliance, performance and value. 

  • Administrative, technical and physical industry-standard safeguards comply with HIPAA and PCI regulations. 
  • Improve patient relations through positive and professional interactions
  • Increase cash flow substantially, while remaining consistent with your patient and community missions
  • Adhere to compliance standards governed by FDCPA and FCRA
Patient Financing
Patient Financing

Improve your up-front cash flow while helping patients fulfill their financial obligations and resolve their accounts.
Provide a financing program that allows for the structuring of payment plans, beyond traditional short-term plans. Set realistic financial expectations for the patient pre-service, reduce patient anxiety and optimize revenue.  

  • Provide term payment options that go beyond the typical 6, 12 or 24 month payment plans with low to no interest options available
  • Qualify patients as long as they demonstrate a willingness and ability to pay a modest monthly obligation, starting as low as $25 per month
  • Resolve balances when a patient cannot bridge the gap between financial assistance discount and their outstanding balance. 



Streamline Revenue Cycle Management

  • Enhance revenue cycle management
  • Support compliance
  • Manage key performance metrics 

Enhance Patient Care

  • Streamline registration and pre-admission
  • Assure timely access to essential services
  • Integrate multiple systems while minimizing disruption for staff

Improve Cash Flow and Manage Costs

  • Boost reimbursement rates
  • Manage costs
  • Enhance operational efficiency