Anticipatory Customer Service

Creates Loyalty, Understanding and Better Experiences

The need for anticipatory customer service in healthcare has never been greater. These helpful resources will help you transform the anticipatory customer services in your revenue cycle.


Meet Customers Where They Want To Be Met

UnityPoint Health Shares How They Are Future-Proofing Their Patient Engagement 

UnityPoint Health (UPH) shares some engaging new ways to meet patients where they want to be met through an omnichannel engagement experience in this brief video case study. Learn more about their system-wide patient experience initiatives, current trends in consumerism, challenges of delivering an optimal patient experience and the performance results UPH has achieved.


How Anticipatory Customer Service Strengthens Revenue Cycle Performance

Anticipatory Customer Service at Banner Health and Mosaic Life Care

Learn how Banner Health and Mosaic Life Care are using anticipatory customer service technology and real-time data to make a deep impact, not just on the patient financial experience, satisfaction and self-service, but also to increase their net collections and decrease bad debt and the number of accounts sent to collections. Four examples of anticipatory customer service in action are revealed. 


HFMA Rapid Fire Case Study

Banner Health's Use of Augmented Reality Transforms Patient Financial Engagement and Anticipatory Customer Service

Banner Health has found a new way to utilize technology, specifically augmented reality, to anticipate their patients' questions and engage with patients when and how they want to engage. 


Patient Financial Experience and New Technologies

The Latest Technologies Transforming Anticipatory Customer Service

Find out how you can you anticipate a patient's questions and needs even before they ask the question. Some of the latest technologies are driving optimal patient financial experiences using anticipatory customer service. Learn more about speech analytics, scoring the financial experience, augmented reality and geofencing notifications.  


Case Study

Mosaic Life Care is Revamping the Patient Financial Experience

Mosaic Life Care reveals how they have made improvements in the patient financial experience that are improving net collections and decreasing bad debt. 

7 Ways AI Can Strengthen the Patient Financial Experience and Payment

The future of the patient financial experience - and, ultimately, collections - lies in a hospital's ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI). Find out how you can unleash opportunities to use AI in the healthcare revenue cycle by pairing AI technologies with patient financial engagement to enhance satisfaction, as well as increase collections. 

Mosaic Life Care_Atrium Health_Banner Health Roundtable

Becker's Hospital Review Roundtable

How RCM Teams Can Leverage Technology to Deliver A Better Patient Financial Experience - Insights From 3 Health Systems

At a Becker's Hospital Review hosted executive roundtable, three revenue cycle leaders share how they are transforming the patient financial experience by implementing metrics, training employees and engaging in anticipatory customer service.