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Improving Your Patient
Financial Experience

Let us help you resolve your early out self-pay patient liabilities and bad debt collections, reduce your cost to collect and quantifiably measure and empower your patient financial experience.
What Makes Us Different

Empower Your Patient Financial Experience

We help empower your patient financial experience and provide a complete solution to address the needs of patients who prefer a self-service experience or the assistance of a concierge call center. As your revenue cycle services partner, our cutting-edge technologies, national presence, trained and caring staff and over 49 years of expertise in patient payment and financial engagement allow us to scale early-out self-pay and offer bad debt collection services for multi-hospital networks to the largest health systems in the U.S.  We manage over $3 billion in placements, serve over 5 million patients and collect over $1 billion in patient payments annually.

Self-Pay Account Resolution

Working as an extension of the hospital revenue cycle, systems and policies, we provide patients self-service and assisted-services to facilitate account resolution, create payment plans and empower an optimum patient financial experience. 

Bad Debt Recovery

As a U.S.-based, registered bad debt recovery expert, we are ACA (PCS) certified, compliant to all standards, staffed with legal counsel and team and provide payment transparency through our online access.

Ready to empower your Patient Financial Experience? You’ve come to the right place.

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Tools and Technologies to Optimize the Patient Financial Experience

Every engagement is an opportunity to optimize patient satisfaction, loyalty and payment. Learn about our Patient Concierge App, ePFXscore, Speech Analytics, ePFXpatientportal and Self-Pay Pricing Model. Find out how these technologies and services help improve the patient financial experience.

Patient Concierge App

First-of-its-kind, augmented reality billing app is revolutionary, as well as a useful introduction to your hospital’s bill, in a visually-stunning interface providing patients an optimum financial experience.

ePFXscore and Speech Analytics

We transcribe and analyze patient engagements to accurately measure, predict, score and benchmark patients’ financial satisfaction and provide service recovery, as needed.


Our modern payment portal provides a self-service experience patients rave about. Patients are able to make payments quickly, combine bills and set up payment plans with ease. 

Self-Pay Pricing Model

Exclusive self-service and assisted pricing model gives you the opportunity to reduce your cost to collect up to 50% as patients transition to self-service.

I was working with Barbara and she is the most knowledgeable, and not to mention the most patient person who’s helped me. My husband passed away last month. She was very calming. She answered all my questions and explained why.

Alison, was a breath of fresh air in a time that is difficult dealing with medical issues. She was so kind in how she spoke today. I wish more people who handle customer service elsewhere were like her.

She was so thorough and so professional on the phone - so polite, courteous and extremely helpful in answering my questions. I definitely give her 5+ stars today. Thank you.

The young lady who helped me today was extremely helpful. Explained what I needed. Then when she was done she read all my card numbers back to me and gave me a confirmation number. I’m very glad I got her on the phone. I want to thank you very much for the help this young lady gave me.

Tori is phenomenal. I was so upset. She calmed me down. She went over everything. I took care of everything. I couldn’t give her enough praise. She’s fantastic. She has been the greatest one I’ve talked to since I had my heart surgery. Thank you very much.

Brandi was very professional, very nice, very patient and I appreciated her services and just wanted you to know that. I've been in customer service training, and Brandi did this from her heart and was very sincere and I just really appreciated it.