Empowering the Hero’s Journey!

Healthcare business and revenue cycle leaders of today are on a hero’s journey! Faster than a speeding surprise bill, distress signals in the form of uncollected patient payments, rising bad debt and surging patient dissatisfaction require immediate attention.

As consumerism marches on, patients say all aspects of the clinical and financial healthcare experience determine their satisfaction and loyalty. Trends point to the need for bold and disruptive strategies to not only incorporate optimal financial experiences, but widen the ever-tightening bottom line to healthier levels.

In Rev Up! Jayson Yardley, in a refreshing and engaging story, shares the secrets you need to bring your revenue cycle from zero to hero, reducing the cost to collect, increasing collections and improving the patients’ financial experience. Each chapter demonstrates new approaches and strategies to challenges and provides bold opportunities for differentiation in the Patient Financial Experience. Chapter questions help you frame the future direction of your hero’s journey.