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HFMA MAP Keys-Compliant

What does that mean for your organization?

  • Avadyne Health calculates and extracts MAP Keys-Compliant data
  • MAP Keys are generated to:
    • Provide standard measures for revenue cycle performance
    • Compare performance with peers 
  • Most importantly - MAP App results allow Avadyne to navigate you to better financial results and patient satisfaction

Why Avadyne Health? 

  • Currently the only workflow vendor that is MAP Keys-Compliant
  • Minimize cost and time to produce the necessary metrics for HFMA
  • Avadyne technology helps you to leverage your MAP App results to guide workflow and drive change

Additional Benefits:

  • Objective benchmarks vetted by HFMA National Board of Directors and members of HFMA’s National Advisory Councils ensure data is evaluated with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency
  • Better position your organization to make use of strategies for metric-driven performance improvement

Read more in our press release, here or on the HFMA website!